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Winter Reading List

After finally finishing the five book, month-long, and collective 5,000 page adventure that was the A Song of Ice and Fire series, I’ve been flailing to find my footing and chose the right novel to lose myself in again. I’ve compiled a list of five books I’d like to read this winter (or just this January depending on […]

Top Ten Must-Read Fantasy Novels and Series (Part I)

Where would Shakespeare have been without fantasy — his spirits, his ghosts, and his proto-Orc Caliban, the misshapen villain of ‘The Tempest’? You can’t have Macbeth without the witches three. Today, the final Harry Potter film released on DVD, and with it, the entertainment industry has finally realized that fantasy sells just as fast as […]

Joanna’s Ten Books Every Child Should Read

“Because never in my entire childhood did I feel like a child. I felt like a person all along – the same person that I am today. I never felt that I spoke childishly. I never felt that my emotions and desires were somehow less real than adult emotions and desires.” – Orson Scott Card […]