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Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

“A howling singer on the radio strummed a song about how everything that dies someday comes back.” – Cloud Atlas, The Ghastly Ordeal of Timothy Cavendish Cloud Atlas is unlike any other piece of literature, classic or modern. The novel is broken into six stories that take place in different eras and locations, and progress in […]

Hollywood Leans on Literary Classics This Winter

It seems the drive to create something completely new and different has been sucked out of Hollywood. Lately, it’s either generating pointless remakes (with The Amazing Spider-man only five years after the last trilogy concluded), endless sequels, or the same comic books and graphic novels turned into summer blockbusters. Theater and literature have always been inextricably linked, […]

Famous Film Adaptions of Novels: Part I

“And it is folly to try to craft a novel for the screen, to write a novel with a screen contract in mind.” – Thomas Keneally I have never seen The Shining, American Psycho, or 2001: A Space Odyssey. I think I can safely assume that the majority of 2012’s pop culture consumers who have watched […]