The Magician King by Lev Grossman

(This is the sequel to The Magicians. Read the entry here.)

In a rare instance where the sequel exceeds the original, The Magician King reaffirms Grossman’s imaginative capabilities as an author and a creative architect of fantasy fiction. Even though Julia is a largely forgotten character in the original work, she becomes the other main protagonist in King with first person chapters entirely devoted to her story. We learn what happened to her the day she took the test at Brakebills and everything that happened since, and how she went from an Ivy League-bound student to an apparently homeless degenerate goth who is actually teaching herself homemade magic. Julia discovers the underground magic scene (or the “anti-Brakebills”) found in illegal workshops and urban ghettos scattered across America, and is eventually forced to show her secret life to Quentin in order to find their way back to Fillory.

Magic was dangerous even when it was confined to the supervised halls and classrooms of The Magicians, but the underbelly of magic Julia reveals in The Magician King can be cruel.

Read an excerpt from The Magician King here.

Image Source: Vox Magazine

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  1. Good review – this looks interesting.

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